The Morris County Chapter of Jack and Jill of America, Inc. was organized by Maria Pryor and Carol Wilson, with the help of several interested mothers. The group was officially formed on September 14, 1980 and later became the Interest Group of Morris County.

On March 4, 1981, the first officers were elected and committees were formed to establish guidelines and procedures to facilitate the journey toward official chapter status. From that point forward, monthly activities were held and civic projects were undertaken, most notably: Black Expo 1982, a family picnic at Sugarloaf, a parents’ mixer, a Christmas party, and other holiday festivities, all successfully planned and executed under the leadership of the first Executive Board, helmed by President Maria Pryor.

Between August 1981 and November 1982, Morris County status progressed from Interest Group to Provisional Group. The group’s efforts were finally rewarded when Morris County was installed as a Provisional Chapter on November 6, 1982 at the National Convention in Chicago, Illinois. It followed that the first children’s program year was completed May 1983. Since its formation, the Chapter Presidents include the following dedicated ladies:


Maria Pryor- 1982-1984                      Evelyn Simmons Davis – 1984-1997  

Sanderal Brown – 1984-1986             Marguerite Johnson – 1987-1988

Ethel Price – 1986-1987                     Brenda Curry – 2004-2005

Marguerite Johnson – 1997-1998      Gwen Edwards – 2000-2002

Mabel Winston – 1988-1989              M. Jackie Wilson – 2002-2003 

Rosa Blair – 1989-1990                      Alonzrea Austin – 2003-2004
Cathy Woods – 1990-1991                 Brenda Curry – 1998-2000
Vicki Craig – 1991-1992                     Cheryl Outlaw – 2005-2006
Wilma Armstrong – 1992-1994           Alison Jackson – 2006-2010

Ferland Fox Nixon – 2010-2011         Lisa Martinez Wolmart- 2011-2012

Ayo Sanderson Wilson 2012-2014     Cheryl Easley 2014-2016 

Our Sanderal Brown Distinguished Mothers of the Year include:


Alonzrea Austin                                 Dorothy Jackson
Vera Blossum                                    Carol Brown
Vicki Craig                                         Cheryl Outlaw
Brenda Curry                                     Melanie Robertson 
Evelyn Davis                                      Dawn Robertson
Marguerite Johnson                          Cheryl Easley
Vicki Roundtree                                 Tracey Goodson Barrett 
Maxine Whiting                                  Alison Jackson 

Gwendolyn Edwards                         Barbara Moore Prater 

Jackie Wilson                                    Leslie L. Halyard
Ferlanda Fox Nixon                           Aida Bush
Misa Lawrence                                  Kassandra Hayes 

Cheryl Williamson                              Rose Kirk

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