Sanderal Brown Distinguished Mother of the Year Award 2020:

Dorris Proctor









Past Distinguished Mothers of the Year

The following Morris County mothers have been honored for their hard work and dedication to

Jack and Jill of America, Incorporated:


Alonzrea Austin
Vera Blossum

Vicki Craig
Brenda Curry
Evelyn Davis
Marguerite Johnson
Vicki Roundtree
Maxine Whiting
Gwendolyn Edwards
Jackie Wilson
Dorothy Jackson
Carol Brown
Cheryl Outlaw
Melanie Robertson
Dawn Robertson
Cheryl Easley
Tracey Goodson Barrett
Alison Jackson
Barbara Moore Prater
Leslie L. Halyard
Ferlanda Fox Nixon
Aida Bush
Misa Lawrence
Kassandra Hayes
Cheryl Williamson
Rose Stuckey Kirk

Mechelle Olidge-Evans 

DaVon Gorman

Fadila Gathers

Dorris Proctor



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