Hello teens! My name is Olivia Gaston, and I am very excited to be your teen president this year. I am a current Senior at Oak Knoll School in Summit, NJ. I participate in multiple clubs and leadership areas throughout the school, and I am looking forward to leading everyone this year! This year’s goal is to work hard play hard. We want to make sure that we work hard on our modules, and on our teen conference planning, but we also want to have fun at Copa, Cluster, and Teen Conference. One of my main goals for this year is to make sure that we bond outside of Jack and Jill activities. Jack and Jill is your family, and I want to ensure that everyone feels comfortable and that we have fun inside and outside of the meetings. Later in the year, we will be working on our teen conference theme of Reclaiming Our Time. Teen Conference Prep is a special time in which all of the teens work together to execute 4 projects. This year teen conference will be in May, but regardless it is personally one of my favorite things about Jack and Jill. It is a great experience for everyone and I look forward to attending Teen Conference and going through the year with all of you.

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